Sunday, January 11, 2009

Traveling Santa Fe

Breakfast Santa Fe StyleThe New York Times recently profiled the frugal and charming aspects of visiting Santa Fe. They have a travel guide, slide show of some favorite local spots, and a great article highlighting inexpensive travel options. If you want to come visit us but are concerned about your budget, be sure to check out these links for ideas. Also, feel free to come to the Library for free Santa Fe visitors' guides and internet access.

Keep in mind that some of the information in the Times article is subject to change. For example, La Plazuela Restaurant in La Fonda is currently undergoing renovations, so while the delicious food is available, the courtyard dining room is closed until June 1st.

If you already live here, these resources can help you come up with some low-cost ways to enjoy your city. You can enjoy familiar landmarks as if you were a tourist, or avail yourself of local discounts at more luxurious destinations. You can also e-mail this to soon-to-visit friends and family. Take a weekend and be a visitor in Santa Fe!

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