Friday, January 09, 2009

Inauguration Day Schedule

A very patient patron just called and wanted to know what time the Presidential Swearing-In Ceremony is taking place this next Tuesday. We were able to find the official Inaugural Events Calendar. Hopefully more of these TBD times and locations will be updated soon.

If you're planning to watch on television, remember to subtract two hours from the posted time. So while the Swearing-In Ceremony starts at 11:30 am in DC on Tuesday, Jan. 20th, get ready at 9:30 am with your coffee.

(This post was edited on 1/12/09. Thanks to Candelora for pointing out our error!)

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Candelora said...

You're a week ahead of yourself; this Tuesday is the 13th and the Inauguration is the 20th, still 9 days away. But thanks for the link to the official Inauguration schedule!