Friday, December 19, 2008

Cookie Exchanges

Totally Cookies CookbookCookie Exchanges are a fun and tasty way to have a low-key social event at holiday time. If you have a family recipe handed down through generations, a personal favorite that you've perfected, or are embarking on the fine art of cookie baking for the first time, you can relax with friends and partake of tasty treats at one of these parties.

Rosie's Bakery chocolate-packed, jam-filled, butter-rich, no-holds-barred cookie bookWhether you're hosting or participating, you can check out Cookie for ideas and protocols. The Washington Post has 20 Most Viewed Cookie Recipes, as well as a visual gallery that includes vegan, low-fat or gluten-free varieties. There are also sites that focus on Christmas cookie recipes. And in addition to many general dessert cookbooks, all Library branches have sections dedicated to the cookie.

The library staff have been the recipient of many generous bakers all year round. Thanks for all your cookies, cakes and candy!

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