Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Preschool Story Time

Preschool Story time at Southside Library this spring was hopping! After the long winter we had, it was fun to read stories and sing songs about birds, bees, flowers and trees!

For Earth Day the children listened to songs about our Mother Earth. The children helped me demonstrate how clouds affect rainfall by using cottonballs and water and made penny banks out of recycled cans or made a clay creation.

There is some great stuff for Earth Day ideas on For our Arbor Day theme, we know children notice things that are high up, so when we talked about trees and how important they are, and the different changes they go through in the seasons, they were excited about designing their own tree, complete with leaves, birds, and blooms.

The Preschool story time families had a special treat when Library Services Director, Susie Sonflieth, did a presentation on planting using cups and seeds for the children to take home, and the kids helped plant some Marigold and Bachelor Button seeds for the library patio. It was really windy that day, but circulation staff helped Susie make it fun for the families to be able to make a little project for them to take home.

Our flowers in the patio are coming up already! Kudos to Susie who has a green thumb, and kudos to all the rain we are getting right now. Yay!

Post and photo by TT at SSL

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