Thursday, January 10, 2008

Einstein’s Lost Snow Day Time Warp Theorem

Lately getting up early in Santa Fe, checking the weather and waiting for a call that the City is on a two hour delay or is closed, I remember the same hope and anticipation that I had as a child.

My sister and I would stay in bed, huddled under quilts listening to the weather sounds and hoping not to hear a snowplow. We’d peer out over the quilts every so often to assess the last night’s snow fall. Then with fingers crossed, we would wait for our mother to call up the stairs, “You’d better get up, there’s school today!” or the most glorious words ever, “Stay in bed, it’s a snow day.” Hearing the latter we would bound out of bed, get dressed and dance in the snow in the yard and make plans for the snow holiday. It was a free day, a day to do what we wanted, no studying or homework for us! We would gather a stack of books to read and huddle by the furnace register while sipping hot chocolate. As the morning went on, we would do our chores and plan what to bake for our afternoon snack.

Favorites were Swedish tea cakes, plain chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread cookies. We had all the time in the world to make them, shape them, cut them out and then decorate them. I am sure Einstein would agree that there is an unexplored theorem of time that manifests itself as the snow day time warp that brings everything to a halt or at least slows it down on a snow holiday. I have a feeling this week we may enter the snow time warp due to the weather that is predicted.
Now, where are the cookie recipes?

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