Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Date an Elephant! (just in time for Valentine’s Day)

Concerned about spending Valentine’s Day without a main squeeze? There’s good news for you!

The back story: the Indian elephant is in danger of dying out in the wild within fifty years, and we are its only threat, according to a charitable organization in the United Kingdom dedicated to saving the wild elephant.

What’s this got to do with Valentine’s Day, you ask, and more importantly, what does it have to do with me? Here’s the scoop: in a new twist on the “adopt an animal / child / highway” concept, has come up with an idea called “Date an elephant”. This inventive plan involves donating money to help one particular elephant, who will then send you love letters, a “bedside” photograph, and a Valentine’s Day card. The site provides photos and profiles for each elephant, so you can choose your best match.

If you’re a commitmentphobe, you can still help out by visiting the Elephant Shop at, where you can score an elephant pin, a bottle of Pink Elephant wine (one of the site’s sponsors), or a pair of truly fabulous shoes.

I’d always heard that elephants were smart; finding out they can write love letters only proves the point beyond my wildest dreams. And how can one resist a 2700 kg beauty with a “wonderful salsa wiggle”?

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