Friday, February 02, 2007

The Web As An Unlimited Supply of Groovy Miscellany

This Week in Library BlogLand. It looks like we better subscribe to this one.

One of our readers sent us a New Yorker article by Jeffrey Toobin, Google's Moon Shot: The quest for the universal library about the legal state of Google's electronic book scanning project; and an article about The 100 Top Alternative Search Engines.

Once something comes up, you hear about it everywhere. There's a school district in West Virginia that wants to put Dance Dance Revolution (which we posted about on Monday) into every school to counteract obesity. (Thanks to Our Descent Into Madness for this cite.)

Lastly, one of our colleagues pointed out that Sweden is opening an embassy in the virtual world Second Life. No-o-o-o. Even for the opportunity to learn about yet another popular manifestation of social networking, I think I will not join the 3,147,284 presumably real people who are presently inhabitants of Second Life.

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