Friday, February 23, 2007

Manyholds - The Books You're Willing To Stand In Line For

Here is the top of the list of titles with the most holds on them at the moment: This is not much different from last month's list. Kiran Desai's book slowly accumulates more and more holds. The James Patterson fiction factory has two titles near the top, and a third below. But overall a fairly familiar list of titles. What doesn't appear in the list on the webpage, titles with only a handful of people waiting, is more like news: who would have imagined there are people standing in line for Conversational Brazilian Portuguese? These are titles our readers are just discovering, or a reading group has just picked them up, or, perhaps, nearly all the demand has been satisfied and after three or four more readers are satisfied it won't be on hold any more...
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The current list is always available from the main page of the catalog (where it's called 'Current Popular Titles'), and from the About Books & Literature page.

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