Tuesday, October 02, 2018


The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission announces their partnership with the Santa Fe Dreamers Project to present Santa Fe Stands with Immigrants a photo mural project designed to show our support for the immigrant community in Santa Fe. It is a project developed by the Santa Fe Dreamers Project in collaboration with the Railyard Park Conservancy, United Way, the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission, the Center for Contemporary Arts, and the Alas de Agua Art Collective. The photo murals are beautiful, large scale ephemeral works of art representing the positive message that Santa Fe Stands with Immigrants designed to be displayed on walls around the city and visually stitch our community together.

Created by Sylvia Johnson (Creative Director) and Anne Staveley (Artist/Photographer), the murals also include images taken by six local photographers. Each mural is unique and incorporates a selection of portraits of Santa Feans who had their photo taken to show their support for immigrants interspersed with larger than life photographs of Santa Fe Dreamers Project staff and volunteers holding signs that say ‘Santa Fe Stands with Immigrants’ in both English and Spanish.  Community members are involved in the collaborative installation process. The images are printed on paper in black and white, and then applied to the wall surface in sheets using simple wallpaper paste. The murals will last for several months and then can be washed off with water. This project is designed for community engagement, enjoyment, and participation.

There will be two participating City locations (among 4 others throughout Santa Fe) which include Oliver La Farge Library at 1730 Llano Street (available for viewing on Friday, September 14) as well as the Santa Fe Regional Airport at 121 Aviation Drive (available for viewing in October).  The project will be on display through early winter 2018.

We encourage the public to visit the two City locations as well as the many others throughout our community.  For more information on the project and the Santa Fe Dreamers Project please visit:  www.santafedreamersproject.org.

(Previous mural at the Center for Contemporary Arts)

 The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission (SFAC), an agency within the municipal government of the City of Santa Fe, provides leadership by and for City government in supporting arts and cultural affairs.  The SFAC also recommends programs and policies that develop, sustain and promote artistic excellence in the community.  For more information contact the SFAC at 505-955-6707, email artscommission@santafenm.gov, or by fax 505-955-6671.

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