Monday, September 21, 2015

Swan Park Grand Opening

The Friends of the Library and Library staff were kept hopping at the new SWAN Park opening on Saturday, September 19. The park is located at the western end of Jaguar Drive.  The Library held a drawing for two NEMO pinatas filled with candy—the lucky winners were called on Monday.  The booth had book bags, free donated books, children’s event calendars, book marks and pencils—which ran out by  2:00pm!

The Library and Friends were pleased to be a part of the celebration.

Text by PCH and photo by WC

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Anonymous said...

Actually there were some goodies still there from 2:00-4:00pm when Mark & Mary Dunn and Susan Nalder were at the booth (Mark & Susan serve on the board of Friends of the Library) ... the recycle folks discovered the great selection of free books, then more people caught onto the treasure trove, one kid signed up for a library card, several got color changing pencils or bags, all the kids chose book marks that they looooooved and everyone got raffle tickets.