Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Michael McGarrity, Defender of Libraries and Reading

Santa Fe author  Michael McGarrity spoke at the Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library Annual Meeting on Sunday. He is always to engaging and pretends to be a curmudgeon, but he is such a supporter of reading, libraries and book stores. We so appreciate his giving of his time to share his “Random thoughts About Literature, Books, Libraries and Santa Fe.”
Here are a few quotes from his talk:

“I was a library rat.”

“When I was a kid I did not have 25 cents for a local movie matinee, but going into town on a Saturday I could go to the Library.”

“My best advice?  Read everything.”

“At book signings I have become, or shown my curmudgeon side,when people tell me they don’t read. I tell them, “How sad.”

“Bringing kids in to the libraries  with programs and promoting reading is great.  God, you’re wonderful!”

“We live in hard times. Not enough people are secure in their homes, food and occupations.”

“We have to support the Friends, Pat and the Library and the Board who answers to the Mayor.”

Thank you Michael, you reaffirm our existence and what we value.

Pat Hodapp, Director of Libraries

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