Monday, September 29, 2014

New Sculpture at Southside Branch Library!

Artwork: Above as Below, Michael Sharber

From the artist:

“As to "Story"....  This piece is part of a group that embraces animals and plants within the Earth elements.  I am able to visit the Sea of Cortez each year and snorkel with a large variety of fish, sometimes swimming within schools containing hundreds of fish.  These vacation events seem to have influenced me greatly without me planning it, the result being sculptures that embrace life forms.  The boat shape is a magical symbol I use often, a vessel shape, the feminine principle, in this instance I stripped it to its structural bones.   

How I Work-
I will first have an image of a sculpture in my mind then I will do a quick sketch to capture the concept.  Next I will design the sculpture while thinking about how it will be constructed taking into consideration materials I have on hand.  I also design a work to be in parts that can be assembled by one or two people without a lot of fuss.  Next step is to begin construction of the piece, which is a wonderful journey.”

Celebrating 25 years of supporting the arts in Santa Fe.

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