Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snow Poems Souvenir Postcard Book

Our friends at the Snow Poems Project have printed a great postcard book to raise funds for future projects and had an article in the SF Reporter last week. Read it here: and more from the Project below:

Last winter Snow Poems appeared in Santa Fe on many buildings’ windows.    They stenciled original poetry written by community members on windows throughout the city, turning the city into a living book. The temporary project used poetry to allow us to connect with one another through place during the dead of winter.  SITE Santa Fe’s SPREAD 3.0 winners Cut+Paste Society partnered with Santa Fe Art Institute to create the program. 

The Santa Fe Public Library Main Branch hosted City poet laureate Jon Davis’ poem and Southside Branch had Elizabeth Jacobsen’s poem.

The culminating piece of the project is a souvenir postcard book that doubles as a fundraiser for Snow Poems projects. We invite you to continue the spirit of Snow Poems by reconnecting with friends and families using these poem postcards. The postcard book includes poems by: Anne Valley-Fox, Arthur Sze (Santa Fe Poet Laureate 2006-2008), Elizabeth Jacobson, Pedro Tena, Darryl Wellington, Jessica Lawless, and Jon Davis (Santa Fe Poet Laureate 2012-2014). The postcard book is available at Collected Works, Santa Fe Art Institute, and SITE Santa Fe.  
Snow Poems 2013
exploring cities as living books

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