Tuesday, February 07, 2012

eBooks or Real Books

The raging debate these days is whether eBooks can replace delightful, real, printed, paper books. Well, I guess you can tell where I stand in my first sentence. There is something about the tactile sensation of holding someone’s words in my hands. It is the paper, typeface and general graphical design that are a part of reading to me.

Despite my general preference for paper, a friend amazed me recently. There in her hands was her new Kindle Fire and she was in awe. She had just purchased four works by Jane Austen for one cent apiece. One cent. She kept saying, “I can’t believe I own them. I feel I should pay more because it is JANE AUSTEN” !

I understand. I have the same feeling when I find a special book at a book sale where books are priced $ .50 to $1.00. I can’t believe I got a Jane Austen in perfect condition! Now if I could just find an autographed Jane Austen which proves her very hands touched it, well I would be in heaven. I don’t think that is likely to happen with a Kindle or Nook.

So the battle rages on. In a way I hope the Kindles and Nooks win this one—it means more special hardbound books for me!

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