Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And the winner is...

cover of book For children’s librarians and anyone who loves outstanding, magical books, Christmas comes in mid-January when the American Library Association names the best youth book and best picture book from all that were published the year before. Unlike the Oscars, no short list is given to the public in advance to speculate on who might win. When the announcement is made it truly is an exciting surprise!

This past week the volunteer librarian committees who make the selections proudly announced Jack Ganto‘s Dead End in Norvelt as the Newbery winner for the best youth book. Chris Raschka’s A Ball for Daisy is the best picture book of the year. Even if you have not looked at a children’s book in years, do not miss A Ball for Daisy. This no-word book is whimsical and charming. I envy the artist’s ability to capture the joy of a dog and a ball.

The ALA 2012 Children's Book Awards are posted and the winners can all be found at the Santa Fe Public Library. So for a good read of the best of the best and a chance to find your next favorite book make you're way to Southside, LaFarge or Main and see what we have to make this gloomy day brighter.

BA and PCH at Main

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