Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ancient Mathematics

A Free Class Series for Adults and Teens

Oliver La Farge Library
1730 Llano St.

Four Two-hour classes:

Wednesday evenings
Oct. 26 & Nov. 2
5:45 - 7:45
Saturday mornings
Oct. 29 & Nov. 5
10:00 am - noon

An examination of the origins and history of Mathematics and how it relates to our current society, aka MATHROPOLOGY!
Presented by Professor D. Robert Fant and the Oliver La Farge Public Library

Topics include:
Mayan Calendar—The meaning of 12-21-12
Pyramids & Earthworks—Informing math models
Mathematical interpretations of—Ancient symbols and myth

Call 505-955-4862 for more information and to sign up.

Photograph of Mayan Zodiac Circle courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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