Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Southside Summer Reading Party

Summer reading program 2011 was out of this world! We had record number of sign ups, and tons of kids who wanted to read cool books and plenty of them wanted to win a bike!

Wiley1079 children signed up this year, more than ever recorded in the past! Special programs and crafts were held every month for the Summer Reading participants and their families.

Bicycles were a real draw to encourage children to read. Three bicycles were donated at every branch. The Friends of the Library sponsor all of Summer Reading, from printing, to programs to prizes. This year the Police and ASCME3999 also donated a bicycle each and two staff people donated a bicycle.

At Southside, last year twin siblings won the girls and boys bike, this year two five-year-olds won the boys and girls bikes! Wiley won the boys bike and is very excited to grow into his new wheels. Wiley loves to read and two of the books he enjoyed were The story of Darth Vader and The Berenstain Bears and The Spooky Old Tree. His auntie would bring him in to turn in his reading log that showed he had to read at least six books a week!

MadisonMadison’s name was picked out of the box by our performer Andy Mason for the Summer Reading Program party. This five-year-old girl comes in with her mom and her sister at least once a week to check out books. She was so surprised when she came in to get books and found out she had won the bike! Her big sister was so happy for her, and mom says Madison is enjoying reading “SpongeBob” and “Arthur” books these days! What a great summer!

The Summer Reading Program is over 70 years old and continues to encourage children to read. Every child who read this summer received a special Summer Reading Program certificate. Children who finished the eight-week program also got to choose a book as a reward.

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