Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Short but Sweet

# Minute Film FestivalOne of my favorite annual Santa Fe events is the 3 Minute Film Festival. Where else could you watch dozens of films in a single sitting without wandering out bleary-eyed and brain-dead? For the past few years, the screening has been held at the Lensic, and the films range from homegrown to international, hilarious to heartbreaking. Also, as the state's film industry has blossomed, it's common to see friends' names in the credits or their faces on-screen.

If you're a budding or professional filmmaker, the submission guidelines are fairly simple. Films must be 3 minutes or less—that's 180 seconds to you—with a $15 entry fee. There are some other small details about format, and the deadline is April 11.

If you're not quite ready to make the leap into the world of the auteur, make sure to check out this year's festival on Friday, May 20. It's at the Lensic again this year, and ticket prices are TBA. Take heed: they sell out quickly!

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