Friday, October 08, 2010

Spelling Bee Results

Bee CombThe long-awaited 7th Annual Adult Spelling Bee held on Sunday, October 3 at Main Library was a success! There were 35 contestants puzzling their way through 40 words, including such crowd favorites as stevedore and syzygy. It raised $855 for the Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library and garnered a front-page article in Monday's New Mexican.

This year's winners are:
1st (37 of 40 words) - Margaret Caffey-Moquin
2nd (36 words) - Virginia Gaines
3rd (33 words) - Morgan Farley

And the word list is here [PDF].

Many thanks to Qforma for organizing and sponsoring the Spelling Bee, many thanks to the contestants for putting their spelling prowess on the line, and even more thanks to the Friends and other volunteers who made it happen.

Now crack open those dictionaries and get ready for next year!

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