Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New Meet the Author Series

Garcia Street BooksWhile it's wonderful to have the quiet, private, dialogue with a writer that takes place when you read a book in a cozy corner, it's even more of a treat when you get to meet the author in person and have an open, many-voiced dialogue with them and other readers. To facilitate this great experience, Garcia Street Books has teamed up with the Inn and Spa at the Loretto for a new Meet the Author Series. The first in the series featured award-winning author and local favorite Luis Alberto Urrea on Sunday, June 27. A library staffer in attendance reports that it was a fantastic event, attended by all ages, and is a harbinger of fantastic programs to follow.

While many of the events are free, some of them, such as the August 5 Luncheon with Bob Shacochis, do have a fee to attend. Other upcoming events include John Hofmeister discussing his book, Why We Hate Oil Companies: Straight Talk From An Insider, on Wednesday, July 14, from 5:00-6:30pm; and artist Judy Chicago presenting Face to Face: Frida Kahlo at a November 14 Luncheon. Be sure to check out all the details for this new series at the Garcia Street Books site and join in the dialogue!

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