Friday, June 04, 2010

Shakespeare on the Move

Shakespeare on the TrainThe New Mexico Rail Runner and UNM Department of Theatre Education and Outreach are teaming up to provide some great summer entertainment. Every Saturday afternoon in June, July, and August, scenes from Shakespeare's plays will be performed on the train between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. You can find full details here, including schedules and which types of scenes will be performed each month. The performances are free, aside from the train fare of course.

I'm sure the Love Scenes in June and the Comedic Scenes in July will be fantastic. However, I'm most looking forward to the Scenes of Treachery & Deceit in August. Hmmmm...swashbuckling swordplay on the train?! It sounds like a fantastic reason to take the Rail Runner, or as I call it, The Rail Funner, this summer.

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