Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Educators at Heart

VittanaMany of you are already acquainted with Kiva, a microlending program that helps out entrepreneurs in developing countries. I've recently come across a similar site that provides small loans to students pursuing higher education. Called Vittana, the principle and process are pretty much the same. You pick a student, lend an amount of money starting at $25, and you can track the student's progress. Once they've received their degree and are earning a paycheck, you get the loan back.

Since education seems to be one of the first casualties of any sort of budget struggle, here's a way to help reverse that trend. However, I did a search for students looking to pursue Education as a field, and not one turned up. Accounting, however, seems enormously popular. Perhaps as word spreads, more students will make use of this microlending service.

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