Thursday, January 21, 2010

Donate Your Gently-Used Shoes

Shoe Drive for Haiti Earthquake Survivors

The earthquake in Haiti has left the island nation in ruins. Over 100,000 people are feared dead and the capitol city of Port-Au-Prince is in shambles. Government buildings, hospitals, schools, churches and countless homes have been leveled. In a race against time, people are clawing through the rubble trying to rescue survivors, amid broken glass, twisted steel, sharp objects and raw sewage. Many that escaped to safety have nothing left, and the pictures coming in from Haiti show many people working through the rubble with no shoes on their feet.

The City will work in partnership with Soles4Souls which is mobilizing its operations to get shoes to Haiti as soon as possible. There is a special need for work boots, sneakers, walking shoes and children’s shoes.

Please donate your gently used shoes as soon as possible. Take shoes to the Sangre de Cristo Water Division at 801 W. San Mateo. The point-of-contact at the Water Division is Lesley C de Baca, (505) 955-4202,

Protecting the feet of the Haitian people will go a long way toward protecting them from further disease, infection and possible amputations.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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