Friday, September 25, 2009

“Wild Blogs”

or “How to shake up your comfort zone in as little as two weeks”!

Motorcycle LibrarianIt's been a long 22 years since I owned a motorcycle. I put it away when my children were little, but now the time is right to get back to the hobbies that I hadn't had a lot of time for. After all those years I still remembered some things about riding, but I also had some bad habits. One is a 'California Stop', which does not have to take place in The Golden State and it is not a stop at all; it’s more of a roll instead of a complete stop.

I was told by a friend that there is a basic motorcycle riding course here in Santa Fe. I signed up online at the last minute. What an incredibly intense experience! The instructors are informed, well qualified and really interested in making it a positive experience. The course ran 2 days; each day was divided into 2 hours in a classroom and 6 hours on a motorcycle, which they provided. There is a lot to remember but at the end of the course, I was qualified for a New Mexico motorcycle license.

After a lot of research, I decided on my “dream” bike. I was able to purchase exactly what I wanted at a local dealership where they were only too happy to sell me the bike at a great price and deliver it the next day!

Mid-life crisis you say? Well...maybe, but at least it's not red!

by CF & KC @SS
photo by TT @SS

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Suzanne said...

You go Girlfriend! You look HOT! I guess I better go get one too...