Sunday, April 13, 2008


One of my favorite times of the week is Friday afternoon. Many years ago, I started setting time aside on Friday afternoons, when most people are thinking ahead to the weekend, I look back over the week to thank those who made my week easier or special.

At that particular job, a colleague laughed when I suggested she write thank yous and said “no one deserved thanks, no one had helped her” that week. Really?

I reminded her of the UPS man who was only obligated to deliver to the first floor and took 20 boxes to her office. Oh, and the restaurant owner next door to our office who treated us to cheese enchiladas, even bringing them to our office on a snowy day. Oh, and not to forget that I had baked homemade cake for the staff for Monday’s staff meeting. I don’t think any of that made an impression on her, she was one that felt people SHOULD do things for her. I disagree.

This past week Councilor Miguel Chavez awarded the Southside Library’s Endowment with $5,000 from the distribution of his remaining campaign funds. A big thank you.

An artist who showed in the Main Library’s art gallery gave the funds from the sale of three of his paintings to the Library.

A big thank you.

A poet who provided a reading to an enraptured public thanked the Library for hosting him by writing a check. A big thank you.

Seattle’s Best Coffee named the Southside Branch an award winner in their Green Buildings awards. A big thank you.

Legislators Representatives Lucky Varela, Jim Trujillo and Peter Wirth who supported the La Farge Branch renovation with $80,000 in funding.

But, thank you’s are not always just for money or awards. They are written to those who go a step beyond. Like the staff members who are always there when there is an event or bakes a cake for a staff person’s birthday or whose husband is always supportive, even hauling stages and boxes!

It’s never too late to write a thank you.

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