Friday, February 08, 2008

Santa Fe’s Doña Tules—A Snow Beauty

Because of this snowy weather, sometimes I miss out on things, like working on my garden, and always try to learn new things about Santa Fe, and its rich culture and diversity. Yesterday was my anniversary of having moved here a year ago from Silver City to work at the library at Southside. Last night as I watched the snow falling, I thought how much I missed making snowmen with my granddaughter. Then I came in to work, and there had been a two hour delay and a masterpiece was in the making on the employee patio.

A Circulation clerk and building maintenance staff member said they were piling snow up to make a snow woman! Yeah! Doña Tules. Who? Ok…I saw the book on the shelf. I check in the New book collection, which is extensive. Great, I found it. Hmm, so I asked other staff. She seemed to be an interesting woman. So with the information I had from staff, glancing through the new book Doña Tules: Santa Fe Courtesan and Gambler by Mary J. Straw Cook, and some websites,, I found many stories about Doña Maria Gertrudis Barcelõ.

I raided the craft closet in children’s. I grabbed tuile for Madam Tules, and of course, what is a girl without her eyelashes, and added the defining touches that might have made Doña Gertrudis Barcelo proud. Of course, I added a Library Card.

The three of us worked at paying homage to the entrepreneur extraodinaire. No matter. We had fun. And I want to know more about Santa Fe and its wonderful people past and present. Tonight I’ll talk to my granddaughter and tell her about the groovy snow woman we made. By the way, you have to read the book. Its awesome!
By TT at Southside
cover of book

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