Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cruisin' the Library Blogs

Hey hey, it's Canada Day. We don't need to pull together a bunch of links for you, because Austin Public Library has already done it. (*Waving to our reader in White Rock, BC*)

There are some lovely blogs out there—
(Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library) joined the iPhone madness yesterday by checking on how their own web pages display on its web browser ( also immediately checked the display of her website on a friend's iPhone and blogged it) ;
    Burbank Library Blog has been posting book reviews, and has a special interest in literacy ;
    a lot of the library blogs we frequently visit are featuring their summer reading programs (as have we, for that matter); Saint Joseph County Public Library went ahead and just featured Summer ;
    Bradford County's (FL) construction blog continues to document their new building's progress with great good cheer; Lafayette Public Library (LA) is nearly finished;
    Redwood City Public Library's (CA) LibLog as usual has interesting links that illuminate, as their cutline says "technology and its effects on libraries... and library users" ;
    Don't forget to check the New Mexico State Library's new blog; and our neighbors down the road at Belen Public Library aren't blogging, but are tracking their construction on flickr, and have a MySpace page.

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