Friday, April 20, 2007

Saving Keystrokes, Saving a Click

If you place a lot of holds, you probably have already discovered that it's much more efficient to log into your record before you begin to search. Then you don't need to keep re-entering your information each time you want to place a hold, or for that matter go into a database or make changes in your record.

If you have gotten your card fairly recently, it already is set to deliver your holds either to the branch you have expressed a preference for, or the branch where you got your card; and you don't have to keep telling the system where you want the books. For older cards you can set this yourself and then from now on that will be one less click every time you place a hold. Log into your record. Click on 'Modify Your Personal Info'. Choose your preferred pickup location from the pulldown menu. (Don't worry, you can always choose to change it). Enter. Yaay, one less mouse click in your life.

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