Friday, December 22, 2006

Good Reading??

We've updated the list of titles with the most holds, and it's more than usually familiar (and largely the same as last month). Some new things have climbed onto the bottom of the list, like Well, and Hannibal rising/ Thomas Harris. But the stuff at the top? Hillerman, Grisham, Connelly, Baldacci, George, DeMille, I mean, who cares???

On the public librarian's email list, we collected people's favorite reads for the year. The list is very very long, so we've printed a copy to put in the bibliography notebook at the reference desk at Main, but won't try to reproduce it online. The heroic librarian who compiled it tells us that the two titles which got many multible votes were the Young Adult title, The Book Thief, and Alison Bechdel's stunning graphic novel, Fun Home : A Family Tragicomic.

OK, what were your best reads this year? Email us, and we'll assemble a list and post it. New books, old books, fiction, non-fiction, whatever. What floated your boat in 2006???

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