Friday, May 19, 2006

Workers On Site...

Southside Library news from the architects' Site Report: "Materials on Site: 2/3 of the required Mountain Rose stone; cold steel framing; gypsum sheathing; concrete block; rebar; galvanized metal deck. Workers on Site: structural steel; steel framers; concrete crew; fire sprinkler crew; HVAC crew.
construction photo
"Work in Progress: Masons are building the pilasters at the South Patio. Stone work is continuing. The CMU wall is going up at the Staff Patio. Steel framing. A welder is working on the southeast portal. HVAC is being installed. Electrical and plumbing are ongoing. The concrete sidewalk extension for the 2' widening of the sidewalk is mostly complete."

construction photo

Construction progress photos are always available on the Progress Page.

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