Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Endcap Evidence

In a airport bookstore we saw a display that looks like this:
cover of bookcover of bookcover of book
cover of bookcover of bookcover of book

Around here, Christopher Paolini's new book Eldest is not nearly as popular as the newest Harry Potter, and appeals to a somewhat older audience. But there is a waiting list for the Paolini, and the older kids are already asking for the not-yet-published (perhaps not-yet-written) final book of the trilogy.
       Christopher Paolini started writing the first book in his trilogy, Eragon, when he was 15. His youth, and the fact that he was first self-published and marketed in the science fiction and fantasy world, then picked up by a major publisher, may contribute to the interest his books hold for teens. There's an interview with him at teenreads.com. But marketing can only take books so far. After that people actually have to want to read them; which appears to be the case...

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