Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just Some Webby Stuff

  • LIS News pointed us to Paleo Art, a gallery of beautiful paleontological illustration.
  • A discussion on the Public Librarians' mailing list turned up a World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems at the US Department of Justice site.
  • A mostly fruitless hunt for regularly updated satellite images of the eastern hemisphere yielded the Blue Marble imagery at NASA.
  • A reference question about Diego Archuleta led to a terrific short account at the Latina/o History Project -- (interesting guy, Diego Archuleta; lots of mentions and paragraphs and single pages in many of our Southwest history books, but nobody seems to have done even a whole chapter about him, nevermind a whole book or a dissertation.)
  • Snowed out of the high country last weekend, we hiked instead at Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. Looking for some good images, we found a detailed hike description with photos at the ExploreNM site, and a truly beautiful image by Drew Milsom.
  • The soundtrack for this post: 30-second audio clip of the Beach Boys having "Fun fun fun". (Direct link doesn't seem to stay functional. If it won't play, try this one; and scroll down for audio clips...)

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