Thursday, October 19, 2006

Moving On To Ornamentation :-)

construction photo
Above you see two of the 15 fascia panels which will be along the Jaguar Drive side of the new Southside Library.

The architects' Field Report for October 17 includes the following Work in Progress: "a. Drywall, taping, and texture. b. Exterior windows are being placed. Operable units will be placed this week. c. Bathroom tile is being set and grouted. d. The boiler room is complete; it does not have combustion air. e. Concrete flatwork is in progress on the outside. The Children’s steps have been formed. f. Electrical work is ongoing. g. Scratch and brown coat are being put on the exterior of the building. Some color coat is in place. h. EPDM roofing and coping are being installed. i. Tectum is being installed. j. Base course asphalt is being installed in the parking areas. k. Crusher fines are being installed in the patios. l. HVAC controls are being installed. m. Paint is being applied."

construction photoconstruction photo

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