Saturday, September 02, 2006

What are you waiting for? More FICTION or NON-FICTION? Out of over 1,600 reserved titles...

From a list we call "Books You're Willing to Wait In Line For", you can see the top approximatly sixty or so titles that have the most reserves (or holds) out of over 1,600 titles that are on reserve here at Santa Fe Public Library. You can get to the list from our Catalog page by clicking on Current Popular Titles. We can see that as of this September, the fiction readers are well out in front by having the most number of titles reserved. There is just one reserve for a video (a movie) and there are only eleven non-fiction titles which range through various topic areas: the 900's (some political, etc), the 300's (some crime and a food analysis book...), one in the 800's and one biography. You can see the August 25 Blog post here in Icarus if you want more information about the ways libraries organize by topic; we use the Dewey system here. Curious about what those other folks want to read? Select that "Current Popular Titles" link above to see for yourself.

Items that circulate may be put on reserve via the web from outside (or inside) the library by accessing the catalog and then, after selecting a book, clicking on "Request" and following the directions. When the item is ready for you to pick up at the location you choose we will let you know. How do you want to receive your notification? Choose from: postal mail, telephone and email. Let us know by updating your information on line in the Log In to Your Record area (which you can get to from the Catalog page when you click on "Login/View Your Record - Why?") Of course, you can also call us or fill out a form when you are in the library. Ask for help at the Reference desk.

By the way, the fiction readers are mostly waiting for mysteries. This is no real mystery to us -- they are always popular.

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