Friday, June 16, 2006


It's Bloomsday, the fictional date on which James Joyce's Ulysses took place in 1904. Joyceans everywhere are partying hearty. Joycean librarians look for librarianly tools. Are there 'If you like' lists (example 1)(example 2) for James Joyce? Alas, no. Well, let's make one up:

If you like James Joyce, then you might try At swim-two-birds by Flann O'Brien; In His Own Write by John Lennon; Dhalgren, by Samuel R. Delany; Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; Faulkner; Pynchon; Burroughs; Nabokov; Shakespeare; Monty Python... for starters.

The current New Yorker (June 19) has article about Joyce's snippy grandson: "The Injustice Collector" by DT Max.

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